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Server hosting is a service that allows an organization and individuals to host a website or web page on the Internet. The host or web hosting service provider provides the technology and services necessary to view a website or web page on the Internet. Websites are hosted or stored on special computers called servers. All they need to do is add your website or domain to their browser. Your computer will be connected to your server.


81% of customers today research online first. Even if you are a brick-and-mortar business, a customer’s first interaction with you is usually digital. 60% of people who visit a website expect to buy something that day. If you don’t provide a seamless user experience, that purchase will be made elsewhere.

The digital marketing agency KOMETE.cloud creates professional websites. 

7 Simple Website SOLUTIONS That really Improve User Experience:

1. Test Your Mobile Friendliness

2. Make It Readable & Legible

3. Make It Fast

4. Make It Easy to Navigate

5. Make It Helpful

6. Apply Website “Rules” Consistently

7. Be Aesthetically Pleasing.

20 years of experience in supporting a company from Milan. We understand what the user is trying to explain, because we really listen. KOMETE.cloud has a team of highly qualified and experienced web designers and SEO specialists who have extensive experience in creating feature-rich, fast-loading, responsive websites.

Having a multilingual translator will be useful to increase the number of your audience.

Already have website, but it does not promote and it’s “old school” design?:) Website redesign! Very effective for all owners of outdated, non-profitable sites. 

Through personalization, we can turn your website into an attractive online portal for your customers. 

Ensure maximum user engagement with our advanced SOLUTIONS.


Social media is the gateway to the digital world. They are increasingly establishing themselves as an effective corporate strategy tool.

The choice of social network used depends on the type of product or service. An opportunity to participate and share news / events that revolve around the Brand and your territory (local business).


▪ Creating an Editorial Plan.

▪ Building a corporate and territorial marketing content plan.

▪ Development of successful messages (text and image).

▪ Creating publicly accessible pages and profiles that work (Interactive games. Competitions.)

▪ Facebook, Instagram Advertising (targeting).

▪ Analysis of results to calculate return on investment.

▪ Analysis of statistics in order to create the most ideal audience.

The possibilities are endless!


For many companies, Google Ads (ex Adwords) may be the most effective way to find your target audience. First of all, where the competition is fierce, and it is difficult for you to position yourself.

Using Google Ads, you can plan the advertisements that will appear in the top positions.

The Pay Per Click campaign is a great tool for finding people.

In addition to conducting advertising campaigns in the research network. KOMETE.cloud organizes a campaign on the Display Network and remarketing, focusing on:

▪ Purpose.

▪ Budget.

▪ ROI (return on investment).

The most appropriate strategy for the product or service that you want to advertise online.

The digital marketing agency KOMETE.cloud successfully analyzes and creates personalized marketing strategies in Thailand, Italy, Russia for business owners, enterprise marketing department.

We are glad that you are interested in developing your business and read our SOLUTIONS! Contact KOMETE.cloud today, do not waste time.

We believe that Your growth is our success!


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