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Social Media Marketing

for Commercial Activities

Anyone with a smartphone has social media, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Whatever it may be, you can put advertise your brand there. Social media are the gateway to the digital world. Over the years, they are increasingly establishing themselves as a valid corporate strategy tool.
For some commercial activities, social networks represent an opportunity to acquire new contacts and increase the number of customers.

The choice of the social network to use depends on the type of product or service you sell. Being able to create participation and sharing of news / events that revolve around the Brand and your territory (local business).

We are all able of opening and managing a Social Channel, but to be able to obtain concrete results from these tools, you must have:

  • An editorial plan.
  • Knowing how to use the right communication language.
  • Develop successful posts (text and images).
  • Create public pages and profiles that work. solutions:

  • Creation of editorial plan.
  • Develop successful posts (text and images).
  • Creation public pages and profiles that work.
  • Facebook, Instagram Ads (remarketing).
  • Construction of Corporate and Territorial Content Marketing plan.
  • Analysis of the results to calculate the return on investment.
  • Analysis of statistics in order to create the most ideal audience that will lead to the most sales. The possibilities are endless.

Digital marketing agency analyzes and creates personalized Social Media Marketing strategies in Phuket and also in Thailand for local businesses, companies and professionals.


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